Review of Puzzle Master by T J McKenna

After reading this novel, I am still wondering if it is science fiction or religion fiction. What is surely proved is that is the most religious and spiritual book I ever read in my lifetime. Although it is set in a hedonistic, atheist and selfish future, topics and underlying sense drive us to deepen the […]

professional book reviews

Professional book reviews for indie writers

Before writing this article, I wondered if I had better write a new book review or not. Then, I decided to write an article titled as above: professional book reviews for indie writers. They were just indie writers who inspired me this post, or rather, the dozens of book submissions I receive from them every […]

the downing street plot cover

Review of The Downing Street Plot by Toby Oliver

Here is another book dropped into my hands in the proper time. Just a few days ago, in fact, in Italy, it arrived the spy movie titled “Allied”, with Brad Pitt. Well, I loved this book as much as I loved this movie. I am discussing about The Downing Street Plot: An Agent’s Revenge, a […]

l'eredità di una leggenda cove

L’eredità di una leggenda di Lory La Selva Paduano

Le origini della moderna schiavitù possono essere ritrovate nel passato, così come dal passato si ereditano le grandi battaglie per la libertà. Non si tratta di un gioco di parole, ma del significato intrinseco di un romanzo storico ambientato nell’antica Roma e tra il Centro e il Sud Italia. L’autore è Lory La Selva Paduano, […]


Bilingual review of L’emozione delle cose by Angeles Mastretta

Review in Italian L’emozione delle cose. Che bel titolo per un romanzo. Questo titolo racchiude tutto l’amore per le piccole, ma importanti cose della vita e rappresenta un fulgido esempio di come si possa fare grande letteratura partendo proprio dalle piccole cose, “l’emozione delle cose”, appunto. L’autore di questo piccolo, grande capolavoro sui sentimenti, è […]

Books to read for the memory days

On January, 27, 1945, the Soviet troops opened the gates of the concentration camp at Auschwitz. The opening of the gates showed the horror of the Nazi genocide to the entire world. From then, this date and the following days have been remembered as the memory days. In these days, every year, people remember the […]


Review of Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor

Relief, freedom, deliverance. Here is what I felt as soon as I finished reading “Choices and Illusions“, the inspirational book written by New York Times bestselling author Eldon Taylor. Before browsing the book on my tablet, I didn’t believe to feel what I wrote above. This book is indeed focused on an important topic, namely […]

book on schizophrenia

A book to heal schizophrenia

Dear reader, if you landed on this website it is because you are looking for help or because you are seeking for a good solution to heal your mental disorder. Maybe you hear voices in your mind or whispers or still worse, you feel as if a demon entered into your soul and ordered you […]

video book promotion

Video book promotion to sell books online

Book promotion is perhaps the most challenging work for authors and writers who try to sell online books. Especially nowadays, where people are more and more engaged to share comments and futility on the social networks. Amid all this stuff, is it possible to get the attention of readers, yet? My reply is yes, it […]